Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kroger Savings 6/21

Made another stop at Krogers to use up the last of the Angel Soft coupons before they expire and pick up a few other things

Transaction 1
3 Angel Soft 4ct $3.00 - $0.50 M.C. (Doubled) = Free
3 Bounty Extra Soft $3.00 - $0.25 M.C. (Tripled) = $0.75
1 Dawn Pure Essence $2.50 - $1.50 M.C. - $0.50 P&G ecoupon = $0.50

OOP: $1.35
Saved: $10.55 (89%)

Transaction 2
3 Angel Soft 4ct $3.00 - $0.50 M.C. (Doubled) = Free
3 Bounty Extra $3.00 - $0.25 M.C. (Tripled) - $1.00 H.M. x's 2 = $0.25
1 Kroger Bread $1.19

OOP: $1.46
Saved: $8.06 (84%)


Susan said...

I am contacting you because you have left a comment on Velda's "The Climb" blog.


When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting.

I know you know Velda has had some incredibly bad health news. It's going to be a rough journey for her, and she'll need a lot of support from her friends. Although we want to, we can't be there all the time for her... but I propose we make a token of our love and encouragement that she can keep by her side all the time as a reminder of the friends who stand with her.

A hug blanket, comprised of many squares knit or crocheted by those who care for her, would be just the thing. If you would be interested in contributing a square or two to a blanket for her, please email me as below.

I don't know how many people might be interested, so I can't say for certain what size of block I need. More to follow as I find out the level of interest in this project.

This project is best as a clandestine effort... I'd rather Miss V didn't know about it until we present the completed work to her. I don't have your email address so will post this to an older blog post so she's not likely to see it... you can delete this comment if you wish.

Thank you.